Photo Galleria Gjutars (c) Sami Lindroos

Sami Lindroos: Encounters

Vanha Kuninkaalantie 6, 01300 Vantaa
The Artist House Gjutars

Underwater photography exhibition: Encounters

Underwater photography exhibition: Encounters

Nature photographer and diving instructor Sami Lindroos brings out the underwater world with his photos. That magical world where only a few have a chance to peek or photograph various creatures from nearby. 

Sami has been diving in various seas and waters around the world for years and has long dreamed of displaying stunning photographs to share with viewers at least some of his experiences: the sense of peace that water and diving bring, the encounter of interesting animals and plants, and the colour scheme can be experienced only beneath the surface. Underwater, perspective and proportions can be distorted, and the passage of time seems to slow down. One remembers his own smallness when swimming in big waters. Along the way, you can come across giants or small creatures, poisonous or completely harmless, alone or in large flocks.

Equally, Sam’s photographs tell the story of various small and large encounters in the realm of water, where human is always only a stranger. At the same time, Sami highlights the beauty and diversity of underwater nature and wants to break down certain perceptions of aquatic animal behavior. Preserving marine diversity and protecting species are also important themes for Sami.

Galleria Gjutars, Vantaa

13.-18.3.2022 Sun-Fri 14.00-18.00

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