SunJazz: Joonas Haavisto & Kestutis Vaiginis - Moon Bridge -record release

Helsinginkatu 15, 00500 Helsinki
Tenho Restobar

Jazzduo Joonas Haavisto & Kestutis Vaiginis celebrate the release of their new album Moon Bridge.

The new album MOON BRIDGE will be released in 2024, recorded in October 2022 at the Rainbow Studio in Oslo, Norway.

Concept of the album MOON BRIDGE:

"You might think "moonlight bridge" at first, but the idea and symbolism of MOON BRIDGE is much deeper. It comes from Japanese architecture. The moon bridge is actually a bridge that has the shape of a half circle and it makes a full circle with the water. I think this idea would describe our symbiosis perfectly. We're like brothers and we make each other better in a natural way.

"- It's also been said that the Moon Bridge SYMBOLIZES CONNECTION; IT IS A PATH TO PEACE, which makes it even more important these days. Our two nations have shared the same kind of history. People have had to live in uncertainty and violence. Still, we try to make peace and build bridges, in our case with music."

Kestutis Vaiginis and Joonas Haavisto are among the most famous jazz musicians from Lithuania and Finland. The history of these outstanding musicians goes back to 2006, when they met in Lithuania at one of the biggest piano competitions Jazz Improvizacija, where Joonas participated and won the 1st prize.

After that Vaiginis and Haavisto began rehearsing and performing together, quickly establishing a strong musical connection. For over 15 years they have performed as a duo, quartet and soloists for chamber orchestras. Both musicians are leading also their own groups and have played worldwide in venues like Blue Note Jazz Club NY, Tokyo Jazz Festival and North Sea Jazz Festival.

Moon Bridge features mostly original compositions by Vaiginis and Haavisto and two jazz standards by Wayne Shorter and Billy Strayhorn. The duo's sound varies from sacred spaces to wild flacks with different combinations of grand piano, Fender Rhodes, soprano and tenor saxophones. The dynamic duo of Nordic and Baltic gives the listener crystal clear melodies and melancholy with some wild bubbling grooves.

Tenho Restobar

30 June 2024
At 19-21

Free admission