Tanssiteatteri Sivuun Ensemble: Kylmäketju ja Murros + Willman Dance Company: Sävelet, jotka eivät soi – Tanssin Voima Festivaali

Klaneettitie 5, 00420 Helsinki

One ticket is valid for both performances of the night.

One ticket is valid for both performances of the night.

At 18:00 Tanssiteatteri Sivuun Ensemble: Kylmäketju

Dance film Kylmäketju (Cold Chain) by choreographer Ninni Perkko deals with cross-generational silence and comments on the history of the use of power via a woman’s body. Kylmäketju, performed by more than 30 women, among them academic Marjo Kuusela, Ninni Perkko, Krista-Julia Arppo and many others, delves into the silent stories of families. The performers in the film are all women, between the ages of 25 and 90. The motion language is built on expressive dance and the techniques of physical theatre.

Tanssiteatteri Sivuun Ensemble: Murros

The humorous dance performance, Murros (Revolution), deals with behavioural norms that are transmitted from one generation to the next. Murros is the stage version of the Kylmäketju dance film by the same creators: choreographer and dance artist Ninni Perkko; choreographer and academic Marjo Kuusela and dancer Krista-Julia Arppo. The work deals with maintaining control and keeping up appearances as well as non-verbal power, and it is based on structural improvisation.

Duration on both performances together: 45 min
Age recommendation: 10+

At 19:00 Willman Dance Company: Sävelet, jotka eivät soi

Sävelet, jotka eivät soi (Musical notes without sound) is a multi-disciplinary stage show that moves in the space between music, sound art, dance theatre and contemporary dance.

On the stage, the choreography and music interpreted by three dancers and singers form a multidimensional dialogue.

Sävelet, jotka eivät soi highlights the importance of family amidst our individualistic culture. By reflecting various family compositions, the performance emphasises the unique and irreplaceable nature of each person’s immediate community, which comprises various close relationships. In our society, roughly one in three families do not correspond with the traditional idea of a nuclear family.

Duration: 45 min
Age recommendation: 10+