The adventures of the hobby horse unicorn – winter break

Enjoy an adventure on a hobby horse of your own making – your imagination is the only limit!

The hobby horse is a classic toy with a history stretching back thousands of years that helps children develop their imaginations. Hobby horses can be made from almost any materials imaginable, including socks, felt or traditional fabrics. Hobby horses are an immensely varied activity with a number of different aspects that you can freely pick and choose from to form a hobby of your own or an activity for the whole family.

One of the most important aspects is doing things together, making hobby horses and riding them. Modelled after real horse riding, you can engage in all the activities associated with real horse using a hobby horse. As a recreational activity, hobby horses are based on your own initiative, wishes and level, resulting in a very free-form activity. As such, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy hobby horses, and the risk of failure is non-existent. See the accompanying video for tips on how to make your own hobby horse course (only in Finnish).

So what are you waiting for? Build a hobby horse of your own and enjoy your winter break by building it a course out of the snow. And remember that everyone is free to enjoy hobby horses in their own way.