Kalevala Outlet & Experience

Hankasuontie 11 A, 00390 Helsinki

Experience the new Kalevala and their oath to Finnish handicraft at the new Kalevala Outlet & Experience store in Konala.

The store offers a curated selection of the Kalevala collections and discontinued jewelry for special prices.

Established in 1937, Kalevala Koru Oy is the most beloved jewelry company in Finland. Kalevala jewelry is hand-made by more than 80 Kalevala Koru employees in the company's own workshop located at the same premises as the Outlet & Experience store.

The store offers also a view to the goldsmiths area through a big window. A goldsmiths table is also present in the store, giving customers the opportunity to see Finnish handicraft in action.

The Kalevala flagship store is located on Keskuskatu in Helsinki city centre.