Topeliuksenpuisto - Topelius Park

Topeliuksenkatu, 00250 Helsinki

Topelius Park is dedicated to Zacharias Topelius (1818-1898), the journalist and author of books of fairy tales and historical novels. Topelius Park is one of the few architecturally formal gardens in Helsinki, forming a green axle between two public buildings: a church and a library. The park consists of two parts, a natural area and a geometrical park with two successive rectangular sections and a horseshoe-shaped section at the end. In the southern section of the park is Töölö Church designed in the Neoclassical style of the 1920s by Hilding Ekelund (1893-1984). At the opposite end of the park is Töölö Library, which was designed in the Modernist style by Aarne Ervi (1910-1977) and completed in 1970.