VELJET and FUGA – Aaltokoski Dance Marathon

Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki

Evening of two shows by Alpo Aaltokoski Company.

Evening of two shows by Alpo Aaltokoski Company. VELJET The word fraternity describes companionship and friendship. It also occurs in the national motto of republican France: liberty, fraternity and equality. The performance continues the exploration in movement that began with the duet, Together, which premiered in 2010, with the theme of travelling together. Choreography Alpo Aaltokoski, dance Ahto Koskitalo, Jouni Majaniemi and Jussi Väänänen, lighting design Kalle Paasonen, sound design Aake Otsala, costume design Taina Relander, producer Kai Artes, production Alpo Aaltokoski Company ******* FUGA The performance is based on J.S. Bach’s unfinished composition, The Art of Fugue. Independent voices, movements and acts combine into a fabric woven from multiple voices. The fugue (lat. flight, escape) escapes form and slips out of one's grip. The working group and dancers: Jouni Majaniemi, Unna Kitti and Johanna Ikola, choreography and concept Johanna Ikola and the working group