VillageWorks Lauttasaari

Heikkiläntie 7, 00210 Helsinki

VillageWorks offers easy, flexible workspace solutions around the Helsinki metropolitan area. Villa Works offers private offices, comfortable coworking spaces, and comprehensive virtual office services. Also a great number of meeting and event spaces, from small meeting rooms to large auditoriums, not to mention our fantastic community and world-class benefit bank for members.

They don’t call Lauttasaari the island of happy people for nothing. VillageWorks Lauttasaari
offers a fantastic sense of community, and you won’t be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of
the city centre here. The stunning sea views bring some added mindfulness on your
commute, when gazing out of your office window, and while enjoying a breakfast yoga
session. In Lauttasaari, you can work from our comfortable coworking spaces or rent the
perfect office for your needs.

The property also features a 90-seater auditorium, as well as a fantastic roof terrace event
space and sauna, which you can rent out for a reasonable price, perhaps for a company
bonding day. The fifth floor is home to the outstanding lunch restaurant Fond, where our
members can enjoy a wide variety of lunch choices for a reduced price.