CANCELLED | Ääri – Niina Villanueva

Ala-Malmin tori 1, 00700 Helsinki

The event has been cancelled due to coronavirus situation, we apologize for the inconvenience.

The event has been cancelled due to coronavirus situation, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Niina Villanueva (born 1984) will graduate as a visual artist from the Turku Arts Academy in spring 2021. Ääri is her first private exhibition held in a gallery space.

“The final gifts are given on both sides of the border, in between being present and being somewhere else. As beings depart, they sometimes only leave behind memorabilia, the material value of which becomes greater when there is nothing else left. My exhibition features paintings and ceramic sculptures that are allegoric references to both our material and immaterial existence. How much of us remains behind, in the end, and how much do we generate, sometimes just to simply exist?”

My works often depict some kind of a border or a transition, the two sides of existence. A loss, a trauma or a memory of giving something up. Materials play a large role in my work process. Creating a
work starts with the priming. I paint on a cotton canvas with a bone glue and gradually add some pigment on the layers and then move onto tempera painting in the next stage.

I work quickly, lines and shapes find their places in the works intuitively. The coloured fabric is part of the work. I try to use it as a part of the work’s world instead of covering it up. Finally, I will move on
to linseed oil and pigments and explore the world in the painting, adding thin lines if the process so demands.

The characters are often on their way or about to turn back; present, and yet slightly ethereal shapes. Sometimes, I bury my hands in clay and enjoy the uncertainty of the glazing process and the world that is not as familiar to me. The question of how I can find a connection between these different works and elements is a dialogue that lives inside my work, maintaining the constant process.

Niina Villanueva’s works have previously been exhibited in the Nuoret exhibition in Kunsthalle Helsinki, in Gallery Rajatila in Tampere and in the Vino gallery of Turku Concert Hall, and she has also created a public work, Anomalia, for Turku EduCity campus.