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Annankatu 30, 00100 Helsinki
Annantalo Arts Centre

Films from Annantalo – a nonstop video screening

Films from Annantalo – a nonstop video screening

Annantalo jumps on to the big screen! The north glass gallery on the second floor transforms into a cinema presenting animations, videos and short films – it's a ecletic mix of traditional and experimental, new and old.

The collection on display consists of videos made by the students of Annantalo. There are videos from the groups Animaatiotaikurit, Auringonpilkut, Taikasiveltimet, Keinutie elementary school 6lk, Vartiokylä elementary school 6A and the We will make a film course. The videos on display are made between 2020 and 2022.

The total duration is approx. 30 minutes. The videos run non-stop in the gallery.

Take a seat on the couch, lay back and enjoy!

Free entry