Skating preparty for the Independence Day

Käskynhaltijantie 11, 00640 Helsinki
Oulunkylä sports park artificial ice rink

The Oulunkylä outdoor skating rink will be pumping with an energetic mix of new hits and old classics to ensure that everyone has as fun-filled a Sunday

DJ RNo is one of Finland’s top club DJs who has toured most of the country during his 15-year career, which has also included numerous shows in the Baltics and other Nordic countries as well as a few in the United States. As his most important individual achievement, he placed second in the Finnish championship competition for DJs in 2012. 

Alongside playing his own club gigs, DJ RNo currently performs as SAARA’s tour DJ. He has also toured with Redrama and Isac Elliot for many years. A life-long native of Helsinki, RNo got interested in making a career as a DJ when his older brother bought the first set of turntables for himself in the late 1990s. After that, RNo practised on his brother’s equipment for a while as a hobby. When he finally bought his own DJing equipment in 2004, he was in for the long haul. 

A career as a DJ in his sights, he managed to secure his first club gig after a year of practising, and since then there has been no end in sight. His most memorable shows have been the massive VG-Lista festival in Oslo and his first gig in the US. RNo has also opened for many world-famous artists, including Jason Derulo, Pink, Sean Kingston, Ice Cube, Xzibit, Brick & Lace, Sisqo and Coolio.