Wabanag ja Riina Hosio & J-P Piirainen: Vakaa yhteys – Etno – Folk Station

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

In December, inspiration comes from Canadian native people and Karelian traditions.

In December, inspiration comes from Canadian native people and Karelian traditions.


Wabanag, a nominee of the Native American Music Awards for the album BEMIA, and of the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for the album ULODI, blends traditional music and contemporary styles. By mixing etno-rock and trancy-electronic with mesmerizing vocals and percussive grooves drawn upon a deeply-rooted spiritual essence, they bring the ancient and deep into timeless live. Their powerful music is inspired by the Wabanaki heritage of Canadian Nagwetch, a native of Gaspésie.

Yovan Nagwetch: Lead singer, Flute and Percussions
Juha Jokiranta: Guitare, backing voclas
Iivo Baric: Bass, backing vocals
Jani Takkunen: Drums, beats and sound tracks, backing vocals

Riina Hoisio & J-P Piirainen –Stable Connection

The performance by Riina Hosio and J-P Piirainen finds inspiration in Karelian traditions and gains its strength from their understated expression, repetition and long aesthetics. The duo’s stage performances combine guitele (a hybrid instrument between a guitar and kantele) and the motion language of Finnish Karelian folk dance.

Etno – Folk Station is a club event series that invites the audience on a trip through history. The club events enrich the traditional music of our ancestors with diverse and modern means of expression.

Duration: 2 h + intermission
Age recommendation: 15+
Language: Finnish, English

18.9. Dream Timeless & Anemelo
16.10. Wabanag & Marjo Smolander – Cosmologies
20.11. Nagwetch – Little Sun & Something like Home
11.12. Wabanag & Riina Hosio & J-P Piirainen – Vakaa yhteys / Stable Connection