Restaurant Walhalla

Suomenlinna A 10, 00190 Helsinki

Restaurant Walhalla is a gourmet restaurant located on the historic grounds on the fortified southern edge of the Kustaanmiekka isle at Suomenlinna. The restaurant offers, besides the beautiful surroundings of its main dining hall caponiere Delwig, also a bar, a stunning sea view terrace and the Pizzeria Nikolai.

The restaurant is normally open from First of May until the crayfish season in autumn, and for orders all year.

Restaurant Walhalla is located in the the fortifications of Kustaanmiekka at the southern tip of Suomenlinna, close to the Kuninkaanportti (King's Gate).
The ferry company JT-Line operates in summer from the Market Square directly to the King's Gate. The public transport ferry (HSL) from the Market Square arrives at the main quay in Suomenlinna, from which there is an approx. 1,5km walk to the restaurant.