Babel Mnauar: Babel – Paintings on canvas and small wooden and metal sculptures

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

"I try in my work to present nonstop language of motion."

"I try in my work to present nonstop language of motion."

"The figures are always faceless, because my task is to express the motion of the body without involving the expression of the face. Let the bodies speak. I let the audience to decide, what face they would like to see depending on their perception, and feelings of the moment. The moving body can be you, can be me…
It comes from the cycle of energy, which connects us all through the universe.

"In the previous exhibitions I tried to present the interaction between humans, this topic still continues in the recent exhibition with different variation, but this time I try to explore the inner human itself as well.

For me to paint without applying the human figures is like to take the soul of the painting away. I try to make the painting more alive, and meaningful through, the story I present in the relationships. It can be from ancient history, from recent time, but it is all interconnected.

"I avoid tragedy in my work, and always try to present the beauty of the moment. The life is full of tragedies anyway. In the most of the art there are hidden symbols, but is up to the viewers to find them. The symbols can be hidden in the structure, or in the variations of the color. I apply the colors very carefully in order to achieve the harmony, and comfort for the eye, and to go smoothly with the subject, corresponding with techniques I’m using. My colors are acrylic, it dries fast, and allows me to be of the maximum expression, when I’m inspired, unlike oil paint. I like to keep my work clean, and use a lot of tapes, which explains the sharp lines of my figures.

"This exhibition will be a part of my artistic life, all exhibitions are part of me, they make me grow."

The exhibition is open during Caisa's opening hours.
Languages: Finnish, English