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Bach's Collegium Musicum

Bach's Collegium Musicum – In the parlour of Café Zimmermann

Bach's Collegium Musicum – In the parlour of Café Zimmermann

A meaningful part of the history of the birth of today’s concert culture was the Collegium Musicum groups from the German university cities during the baroque era.

In the wealthy trading town of Leipzig the Collegium Musicum activities were born in the university community in the end of the 17th century. However, in 1701 the concert life got its real new spirit when the young Georg Philipp Telemann started to lead the group.

The best known concert place in Leipzig was Café Zimmermann where the concerts were held inside in the parlour during wintertime and outside in the garden during summertime. In the beginning of the 1720’s, Johann Sebastian Bach became the musical leader of the church in Leipzig and a couple years later he also took over the responsibility of the city’s collegium activities. This concert offers music that was performed at Café Zimmermann when Bach was alive.

J. S. Bach – Händel – J. B. Bach

Kajsa Dahlbäck, soprano
FiBO Players:
Kreeta-Maria Kentala, violin
Anthony Marini, violin
Tuula Riisalo, viola
Jussi Seppänen, cello
Petteri Pitko, harpsichord
Eero Palviainen, theorbo

Internet, TikettiStream
7.5.2021 at 19.00

Tickets 15€ from Tiketti, available until 14.5.2021