Фото Kansallisgalleria I Petri Virtanen

Cancelled: Massiveness and still life

Мероприятие отменено
Mannerheiminaukio 2, 00100 Helsinki

A hybrid work between the art disciplines.

The working group explores relationship between light, sound, music, dance and language. In the work, choreography is seen as expanded and dynamic conditions. The initiator of the performance, choreographer Sara Gurevitsch, has assembled a working group to reflect together about being in between changes and turning points.
The stage opens up as undulating and rolling terrain. The bodily knowledge of the performers and materials fumbles the moments before storytelling and sets out to create spaces and opportunities for uncontrollability. The work progresses with the histories of art and dance, waiting for its own disintegration.

Roope Gröndahl – piano artist
Tom Lönnqvist – sound & space
Elli Salo - playwright & dramaturge
Anne Makkonen – dancer-researcher
Sara Gurevitsch - choreographer
Alexander Salvesen – visual artist and lighting designer
Salla Rytövuori - dancer
Anton Vartiainen – costume designer

Kiasma Theatre

Tickets 18/15€ (includes admission to the exhibitions on the day of the performance)

Duration: approx. 1h
Language: Finnish, Swedish, English