Фото FiBO

FiBO: Bohemian Style

Bernhardinkatu 4, 00130 Helsinki
German Church

FiBO: Bohemian Style – Pieces from outside the canon

Bohemia, located in what is now the Czech Republic, was called the European Conservatory in the Classicist era. Like Italian musicians and composers during the Baroque era, European courts, theaters and salons were taken over by Bohemian colleagues in the Classicist era. 

Composers such as Benda, Stamitz, Myslivežek, Waṅhal, Dušek, Koželuh, Gyrowetz and especially Reicha - as an educator of a whole generation of French composers as a professor at the Paris Conservatory - have gradually trough the revival of early music returned to the status they had before.

In addition to their origins, the composers of the concert are united especially by Vienna and the composers who worked there. The relationship with Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert was by no means admirable from a one-sided distance, but the Viennese acted to their Bohemian colleagues as pre-fighters and equal artists in their music. Waṅhal playing the string quartet with Mozart, Haydn and Dittersdorf, Reicha plotting the art of fugue with Beethoven while Eroica was composing, Gyrowetz and Schubert carrying the coffin at Beethoven's funeral - the origins of the official canon of classical music has the most various stages. 



FiBO (Finnish Baroque Orchestra) Players:

Asko Heiskanen, clarinet

Jaakko Luoma, bassoon

Jussi Seppänen, cello

Jerry Jantunen, fortepiano

German Church

11.8.2022 at 18.00

Tickets 20/35€ from Holvi Shop, duration 1 h 15 min, incl. intermission