Фото Päivi Sava

Ilo Ensemble: Songs about turning points

Viides linja 11, 00530 Helsinki
Kallio Library

n the Songs about turning points concert, Ilo Ensemble will perform new compositions

Salla Haavisto – vocals Lotta Hagfors – vocals Tiina Palmén – vocals Ulla Silvennoinen – vocals Mira Törmälä – vocals
How does it feel for children to have two homes and two different sets of frames for family photos? Will your significant other stay with you if you find yourself faced with mental issues? Am I seeking love in secret? Do I always have to keep my act together? Does anyone really want to wear a thong? 

Ilo Ensemble will be performing their new compositions at the ‘Songs about turning points’ concert. Songs from the earlier repertoire will also be included. During the concert, the group will talk about and consider the background and themes of the songs. The touching stories depicted in the songs stem from social and personal topics. The concert is themed around life’s turning points, such as falling in love, growing apart, new beginnings and the need to slow down. Sometimes life wants to change us even though we do not feel ready. At other times, the change is exactly what we needed. 

Many of the songs in the concert were inspired by 19th century folk songs and particularly “rekilaulu” songs, which explored everything involved in the human experience. At the same time, the group’s unique music blends the old with the new, painting a portrait of the modern woman. The Ilo Ensemble singers delight us with their warm sound and approachable stage performance. 

The group won the acoustic category of the Tampere Vocal Music Festival’s international song competition in 2017. Ilo Ensemble also found success in the Århus Vocal Festival’s international song group competition in Denmark in the summer of 2019. Praised for its bold and thought-provoking performances, the group has toured widely throughout Finland. Ilo Ensemble’s heart beats for folk music, improvisation and theatrical music. Every member of the group writes songs and lyrics and works on arrangements. The diverse pool of expertise forms a musical melange that is sure to captivate audiences through inventive sounds and vocal approaches.