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Italy's Harvest

Bernhardinkatu 4, 00130 Helsinki
German Church

Bach and southern influences

Bach and southern influences 


Some composers are considered geniuses. Johann Sebastian Bach is undoubtedly a composer whose output and creative power can be called thoroughly ingenious.  


Bach had been surrounded by music since his childhood, and he studied, analysed, and expanded on everything he saw and heard. A large and talented musical circle of family and friends created fertile conditions for a growing genius. 


Bach was also interested in current musical tides, such as the French style. That being said, he also absorbed especially Italian influences like a sponge. The harvest sown in Italy and picked by Bach is the theme of this concert. 


Vivaldi - J. S. Bach - Caldara 

Georg Kallweit, violin and direction 

Encanto House Band 


German Church 

2.10.2021 at 19.00 


Tickets 20-50€, duration 1 h 30 min, incl. intermission