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Lapland Camp

Pohjavedenkatu 5, 00980 Helsinki

A Lapland experience camp for young people aged 13–17 in Kuusamo during the autumn holiday!

The Lapland camp in Kuusamo, which passed the RuutiBudjetti workshops and committee, is coming during the autumn holiday in October! The camp is designed by young people based on their own ideas.

The camp will include plenty of activities, such as learning campcraft during the days at camp, skiing on the slopes of Ruka, and skiing/mountain biking among the beautiful scenery at Ruka.

The camp will take place 18–22 October 2021. Of these days, 18 October and 22 October will be reserved for travelling.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will enjoy various activities mentioned in the previous text.

Based on the idea that started at the workshops, the camp is mainly intended for young people aged 13–17 who have not visited Lapland before or do not have experience of the activities mentioned. However, anyone can still apply for the camp.

Before leaving for the camp, we will hold a few meetings among the participants. A total of 13 young people can be selected for the camp. They will be selected based on the application letters, and not on a first come, first served basis.

Please send your application letter by email to sander.vassel@hel.fi. In your application letter, please answer the following questions: Who are you? Have you visited Lapland before? Do you have experience of the activities mentioned above? Why should we select you for the Lapland camp? Even if you have visited Lapland or participated in the activities in the past, you should still apply for a chance to join the camp! The application period is from 30 August to 26 September 2021.

Due to the trouble with COVID-19, the camp may be cancelled!

More information: Youth worker Sander Vassel sander.vassel@hel.fi, tel. +358 40 578 5183