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Maunulan Sateenkaarikeidas | Maunula Rainbow Oasis

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki
Maunula House

YouthPride programme

Friday’s workshops

13:00–19:00 Maunula Rainbow Oasis’s gaming station    

15:00–19:00 Sign and banner workshop. Planning days 22–23 June 2021. Advance registration required. 

16:00–19:00 Rap & Lyric workshop. In Finnish and English. Advance registration required.    

Some of the workshops have advance registration, but you can also join them spontaneously if there is enough room. You can also just hang out, play games and have a snack.  For example, you can play basketball and boardgames with youth workers.  It will be possible to perform your own open mic performance at the Maunula Rainbow Oasis between workshops and other programme elements. 

The event will primarily be held outside Maunula House but, if the weather is poor, we will move the workshops and performances inside to Metsäpurosali hall and Maunula Youth Centre. 

The Rap & Lyric workshop is about writing rap lyrics in Finnish and English to the beats of young people and practising rapping for the hip hop event on 3 July.