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Next Steps 2022

Helsinginkatu 58, 00260 Helsinki
Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Next Steps 2022 – An evening with the young dancers of the FNB

Next Steps 2022 – An evening with the young dancers of the FNB

Taking place in spring 2022, Next Steps at Almi Hall is an evening dedicated to the young talent of the Finnish National Ballet. 

In addition to a world premiere by Reija Wäre, the programme features excerpts of iconic classical ballets. 

Wäre’s new work fuses elegant, near-weightless expression with heavier and more rhythmic movements and broken lines. The music combines elements from different periods, and the costumes are a mix of traditional ballet outfits, contemporary fashion, and pop aesthetics. The movement language is based on ballet technique, but it also lends freely from other dance genres. The street dance choreographer of the work, the versatile street dance virtuoso Akim Bakhtaoui, appears onstage alongside the ballet dancers.

Most of the performers are members of the Finnish National Ballet Youth Company, who have started their professional dancing careers in the past few years. The Youth Company, founded in 2013, is home to 12 young dancers. Half of the dancers of the international group are from Finland, while half come from countries as diverse and remote as Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

Choreography: Minna Wäre, Akim Bakhtaoui

Music: Minna Koivisto 

Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Almi Hall

7.-8.4.2022 at 18.00

Tickets, duration 2 h