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Tero Saarinen Company: Third Practice

Tero Saarinen Company & HeBo: 'Third Practice' Stream

Tero Saarinen Company & HeBo: 'Third Practice' Stream

Choreographer Tero Saarinen brings new dimensions to the music of Claudio Monteverdi, known as a radical innovator of opera. The composer's stunningly beautiful, revolutionary madrigals are interpreted by tenor Topi Lehtipuu, virtual soprano Núria Rial, Tero Saarinen Company's dancers, and Helsinki Baroque Orchestra directed by Aapo Häkkinen.

The director and main camera operator of the multi-camera production, shot at the Finnish National Opera using film-grade equipment, was Thomas Freundlich of Lumikinos Production. Freundlich is a leading exponent of dance film and was also a member of the production's artistic workgroup.

Internet, Tikettistream
Premiere 19.3.2021 at 19.00

Tickets from 15€ from Tiketti
Available until 6.4.2021