The Inferno Unseen (2017) – 31th Helsinki International Film Festival - Love & Anarchy

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

The Inferno Unseen is a new cut of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished film The Inferno (L’Enfer) from 1964. It is edited by Rollo Smallcombe and Marketa Uhlirova.

Clouzot’s cameramen Andréas Winding, Claude Renoir and Armand Thirard shot some twelve hours of film footage, showing abstract kinetic experiments and actors including Romy Schneider, Serge Reggiani, Dany Carrel and Jean-Claude Bercq captured in a number of wardrobe, screen and optical effects tests. The focus is primarily on [style icon] Schneider performing simple, seductive actions in carefully composed mises-en-scene.

Departing from Serge Bromberg’s critically acclaimed documentary about Clouzot’s film (2009), The Inferno Unseen focuses solely on the haunting and often beautifully colour-lit visions. Here the union between the filmic and the sartorial is made all the more striking by the unique temporality of a screen test performance.

London based music producer, composer and filmmaker Rollo Smallcombe will provide a live electronic score to the film. “The original rushes came like a pack of cards that had been very well shuffled. The music is 100% composed specifically for the new cut. I wanted to create a soundscape that responded directly to the footage. I like to think that Clouzot’s original treatments and my electronic score feed off each other to offer a fresh take,” he says.

Production notes

The Inferno Unseen is accompanied by the English musician and filmmaker Rollo Smallcombe, who has edited the film with Marketa Uhlirova. The film's producer Kiri Inglis will also be present at the screening

Theme: Filming Fashion
Country: Great Britain, France
Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Starring: Serge Bromberg, Romy Schneider, Serge Reggiani, Bérénice Bejo, Brigitte Bardot, Jacques Gamblin
Production: Marketa Uhlirova, Kiri Inglis, Serge Bromberg, Maria Chiba / Fashion in Film Festival, MUBI, Lobster Films
Duration: 60 min
Age limit: K12
Language: -
Subtitles: -