Family Day of the Hurraa! Festival – Hippopotamus and other animals

Ala-Malmin tori 1, Helsinki

Workshops, performances and fun activities!

Workshops, performances and fun activities!

klo 13-15
Animals of the red land cardboard toy workshop
“How could a child go on a journey into a jungle, step into a world where everything is an adventure?” Through a book, of course! We will go on an imaginary journey into a jungle in a red land. To continue the adventure at home, we will make one of the creatures of this wondrous jungle to take home with us. What is your favourite: the turtle, the flamingo, the parrot, the owl, or perhaps the ring-tailed coati or the caiman?

klo 13
Glims & Gloms: Raxu Taskunen
Simo Heiskanen’s Raxu Taskunen is an energetic show where one performer performs all the characters of the show. The verbal and visual fireworks of the performance go from one continent to another, from above the surface to underground and back again, following the rhythms and rhymes of nonsense poems. The world is viewed through the perspective of the tiny Raxu Salminen, who fits well in any pocket.

klo 14
Käpylehmä orchestra
Käpylehmä orchestra is imaginative and energetic band whose performances are filled with clever Finnish language, musical twists and turns, relaxed rhythms and laughing faces.
Käpylehmä has been actively involved in children’s music since 2014, turning the poems of beloved author Kaarina Helakisa into music. The songs have been composed based on the texts in the collection Annan ja Matiaksen laulut, which was published in 1988. Hulivilivuoren avain, published in November 2018, is the band’s first album.

Sun 17.3. at 15:00
Hurraa! festival: Tohtori Zeiffal, Tohtori Zeigal ja Virtahepo, jota ei koskaan saatu kiinni, Tickets 6 €