Photo Teemu Lautamies

Lonna sauna

Lonnan saari, 00190 Helsinki
Organiser: Oy Lonnan Hyväntuulenkeidas Ab
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 19 €

Lonna’s public sauna is located on the island of Lonna in the archipelago just in front of the city center of Helsinki.

There are two loft saunas which are heated up with wood burning stoves. At Lonna you can experience calm and almost sacred feeling of the traditional Finnish sauna. Sauna building is built solely with natural materials. It is made of masterfully handcrafted wooden logs that are left untreated.

Starting times are staggered the way that for women and men’s dressing rooms, 12 spots are available every hour. Sauna is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Sauna pass is for two hours. Every day is a mixed sauna day. Outside the saunas, there is a large terrace, which opens to spectacular scenery of the archipelago. Sauna area is fully covered by liquor license. Sauna is always open for everybody so unfortunately private sauna is not possible.

Lonna’s sauna suits only for peaceful and relaxing visit.
Booking the sauna beforehand is highly recommended.