Photo Green Cap Oy

Private Custom Helsinki Tour

Unioninkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki
Organiser: Green Cap Oy
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 250 - 450 €

Welcome to the beautiful capital of Finland. Our Private Custom Helsinki Tour offers you a modern way to experience the City. Tours includes everything there is to know about the Finnish Culture and History and focuses especially on our unique Way of Life. The tour can be 2, 3 or 4 hours long depending your preference and schedule.

By default this tour is walking tour. Helsinki is a compact city and best approached on foot. Walking tour is also by far the most sustainable and environment friendly way to conduct sightseeing. However, if requested we can organize transportation for extra cost. Depending the starting place, the group and the route we’ll suggest you the best way to commute. Beside walking it could be by public transportation or private cab, minivan or bus. We can also organize shoreline cruises with our partners.

We have several types of itineraries planned already that we can modify for your taste. We have long experience in providing guiding to various types of groups and we are accustomed to modifying the tours to match the interests and needs of each customer group. It is quite different to guide a group of war historians than families with young children! If you let us know beforehand we can organize something special for you. Maybe private shopping in a design store, private sauna event or simply a table reservation in one the fabulous restaurants in Helsinki. We’ll charge from add-ons, but asking is free. Let us know how we can serve you.