Photo Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori - Ville Vappula

The incredible history of the Helsinki archipelago 11.9.2022

Pohjoisranta 5, Halkolaituri, 00170 Helsinki
Organiser: Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori
Duration: 5 hours
Price: 30 - 60 €

The front of Helsinki is full of islands, each with its own story. The stories come to life as our guide navigates guests through the colorful history of the Helsinki archipelago.

During the sailing, guests can see and experience how the idyllic, peaceful and scenic archipelago hides inside much more than what it looks like on top. During the sailing, we will land at a nearby island and guests have the opportunity to participate in all the activities aboard, from hoisting and trimming the sails to even steering the vessel!

Departure: at 11 am from Halkolaituri
Return: about at 4 pm to Halkolaituri

The price of the sailing includes Baltic Sea-friendly wild fish soup with dessert, water, juice, coffee and tea. Non-alcoholic and mild alcoholic beverages are sold separately on board.



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