Photo Seikkailupuisto Huippu Oy

Treetop adventure

Veräjäpellonkuja 17, 02650 Espoo
Organiser: Seikkailupuisto Huippu
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 15 - 26 €

Treetop Adventure Huippu is a place for tightrope walking, crawling through tunnels, balancing on nets, and crossing swaying bridges. The high ropes courses take adventurers to heights of between 20 and 60 feet above the forest floor and end with a dizzying final dismount that can be longer than a football field. The absolute highlight of the adventure is a ride on our Tarzan swing! Welcome to the world above!


Treetop Adventure Huippu is suitable for all able-bodied adventurers and requires no previous climbing experience.

The high ropes courses at Huippu are primarily designed to provide a fun experience, where users can enjoy a sense of altitude and personal presence in the bracing open air, and the thrill of overcoming captivating challenges. If you can manage a rope ladder, then you can also tackle these adventures!

The high ropes courses at Huippu are designed for adventurers at least 3 feet 3 inches tall (100 cm). They are really not suitable for pregnant women.

Children aged 13 years or more may use the courses independently, but those 13 - 17 years of age require the written consent of a parent or guardian. Younger children must be continually supervised by an adult. A supervisor must accompany any child under 3 feet 11 inches (120 cm) tall onto the course, but taller children may be supervised from ground level.