Photo Tero Ahonen

22-Pistepirkko, Pambikallio

Tokoinranta, Eläintarhantie, 00530 Helsinki
Huvila Festival Tent

22-Pistepirkko performs at Huvila

The songs by 22-Pistepirkko tick a lot of boxes. Garage rock: Frankenstein. A catchy pop tune: Birdy. Drum ’n’ bass: Let the Romeo Weep. Blues: (I Left My Baby). A dream-like ballad: Sweet Rodeo Heart. And so on. Yet you can always tell it’s 22-Pistepirkko, even from beyond the primordial drum grooves and experimental electro beat. 

The variety of styles will grow even wider as the band publishes its first album in eleven years just before the gig at Huvila. There are also other reasons to celebrate: it’s 40 years since the trio from Utajärvi won the ‘Finnish Rock Band of the Year’ title, and the band’s bassist and keyboardist Asko Keränen celebrates his 60th birthday this year. He summed up his – and perhaps the band’s – philosophy in his birthday interview in Helsingin Sanomat: “I believe in good times”.

Good times will be had even before the 22-Pistepirkko gig when Pambikallio takes the stage. The dream pop band released its first, long-awaited album in early March. It was a long wait – not quite eleven years though – but worth every second of it.