A summer LAN party at Malmi Youth Centre

Kunnantie 3, 00700 Helsinki
Malmi Youth Centre

Join us for an amazing summer LAN party at Malmi Youth Centre!

The programme starts on Friday at 18:00 with a BBQ, and the gaming begins at 21:00. The party ends on Sunday at 20:00.  

The programme includes tournaments, multiplayer games, private gaming, BBQing and hanging out with great people.  

We have seven gaming computers available, and they will be allocated in the order of registration. We recommend that you bring your own computer and equipment (network cable and extension lead), and eight spots like this will be available, making the total number of participants at this incredible LAN party15.  

Participants can leave the party between 9:00 and 21:00 to go home or a shop, for example. However, they may not leave the youth centre during the night.  

Please remember to bring a sleeping bag, some hygiene products and a positive attitude. During the LAN party, the youth centre will provide the meals, but you are welcome to bring your own snacks as well.  

 Additional information and registration:  

Jani Pesu  

[email protected]  

040 590 2290