Alla Tähdenlennon (Underneath a shooting star) – Stars fell on Alabama

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

Tango royalty Tiina Räsänen and Petri Hervanto along with Mikko Järvinen, who is the soloist for Dallape from the 1960s as well as a trusted singer in Pauli Granfelt’s and Jorma Juselius’ bands, will perform memorable movie tunes and dance music.

They are accompanied by Julia Suursalmi who has performed from a young age in various kinds of concerts with her mother Tiina Räsänen, among others. This young woman with a clear voice is familiar with both musical and other tunes.
The evening is hosted by actress, dancer and singer Sofia Arasola, who is also a familiar face from the television.

Duration about 2.5 h incl. intermission