Photo Ihme-festivaali (c) Giorgia Polizzi, Emma Suominen, Lena Winderen, Veikko Somerpuro

Art, Science, Ecology

Art, Science, Ecology - the open online lectures

Art, Science, Ecology - the open online lectures

The aim of the Art Science, Ecology course is to raise awareness of the effects of the sustainability crisis in the fields of art, science and society, and to produce and analyze the information needed for the change in thinking and action required by the sustainability crisis.

The lecturers of the course are artists, scientists and curators from Finland and abroad: artist and BIOS research institute researcher Antti Majava, UK-based researcher and artist Susan Schuppli, IHME Helsinki Commission 2020 Norwegian artist Jana Winderen, IHME Helsinki Commission 2021 Scottish artist Katie Paterson, professor emerita Jan Zalasiewicz (University of Leicester), paleoclimatologist J.Sakari Salonen (Helsinki University), Helsinki based artist Samir Bhowmik and IHME Helsinki Executive Director and Curator Paula Toppila.

Internet, Zoom
25.1.2021 16.00-17.00

8.2.2021 16.00-17.00
10.2.2021 16.00-17.00
16.2.2021 16.00-18.00
24.2.2021 16.00-17.00

15.3.2021 16.00-17.00
23.3.2021 16.00-17.00

Free entry, lectures are in English