Burgher’s House: Näky – Huumaus. Tanssidramaattinen sarja (‘Poem – Vision – Intoxication. A dance drama series’)

Aleksanterinkatu 14-18, 00170 Helsinki

Come and experience a poetry dance work at the Burgher’s House Museum on Saturday 27 August at 12?…

Come and experience a poetry dance work at the Burgher’s House Museum on Saturday 27 August at 12–17.

This year will mark the 125th anniversary of the birth of dance artist Martta Bröyer (1897–1979). A pioneer of modern dance in Finland, Bröyer created her own style that combined dance with recitation in the 1920s and 1930s. People’s response to this art form was mixed back in the day, but it serves as an inspiration for today’s artists, dance artist Tiia Hämäläinen and audio artist Marika Hyvärinen.

They have created a poetry dance work in which poems used by Bröyer meet contemporary poetry and influences from her movement language are integrated into contemporary dance. The event will be kicked off with a presentation of Martta Bröyer’s life and career, which included saving her old family house and turning it to the museum known today as Burgher’s House, in addition to her dance endeavours. The performance is produced in cooperation with the Runokuu festival.

Performance times 27 August

12.00–13.00 14.00–15.00 16.00–17.00

If it rains, the performance will be held in the lobby of Helsinki City Museum, at Aleksanterinkatu 16.

Entry to the event is free of charge. Welcome!


Tiia Hämäläinen is a dance artist from Helsinki. She graduated as a Master of Dance Arts from the Theatre Academy in 2005 and as a dance pedagogue (University of Applied Sciences) in Kuopio in 2003. Hämäläinen has had a diverse career in the field of dance as a dancer, a teacher, a trainer and a choreographer alike in different contexts. In addition to her own artistic work, she works as a dancer in Tanssiteatteri Sivuun Ensemble and as a teacher of ballet and contemporary dance at Helsinki Dance Institute. In her works, Hämäläinen delves into the dialogue between dance, images, texts and audio and examines the alternation between motion and stillness, being in the moment.

Marika Hyvärinen is an audio artist and composer who currently lives in Vantaa and graduated as a Master of Music from Sibelius Academy in 2015. Hyvärinen creates audio art, arrangements, compositions and installations, takes part in video art projects and performances, and teaches music as a freelancer. Hyvärinen is interested in mixing up and misusing the different layers of music and working on fragile and fleeting sounds by utilising different media.

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Photo: Ivar Helander 1927 / Helsinki City Museum