Photo Café Barock (c) Teijo Salminen

Café Barock: Baroque Christmas Carols

Unioninkatu 29, 00170 Helsinki
Helsinki Cathedral

Café Barock at Universum: Baroque Christmas Carols

Café Barock at Universum: Baroque Christmas Carols


The Baroque Christmas carols evening includes Christmas carols from Europe of the 16th-18th centuries, played on period instruments - without forgetting to sing together. Many of the Christmas carols people love come from the Baroque era. At the concert, these familiar and beloved songs in Baroque style will be heard and sung together.


Inka Kinnunen, soprano
Teppo Lampela, countertenor
Timo Lepistö
William Häggblom

Ensemble Nylandia:
Sini Vahervuo, flutes
Jarmo Julkunen, lute and ukulele
Matias Häkkinen, harpsichord


22.12.2022 at 18.00


Free entry, program 10/20€, duration 1,5 h