CANCELLED | Compagnie Acta: Archipel – Saarella – Small Size Days!

Annankatu 30, 00100 Helsinki
Annantalo Arts Centre

The event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus situation, we apologise for the inconvenience.

The event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus situation, we apologise for the inconvenience.


Archipelago is a haven, hovering in fragile balance between sky and sea. It invites audiences on an adventure from island to island, but all visitors must eventually leave.

Each step of their trip is a chance to share memories and experiences through organic sounds and visuals. From one island to another these effects intertwine and end up building the rhythm that governs the piece.

Archipel is a portable play, flexible in form, length, and interpretation. An invitation to an imaginary journey and an homage to the early childhood.

Swinging, shoving, spinning, swelling, or scrubbing, each movement is the story of a discovery and the memory of a feeling. Each movement contains a musical quality, a depth and gentleness that influence the sound of spoken words. Sounds, movements and forms rise up together. They create a rhythm, an interlude, where the artist and the children can enjoy with each other.

The play was created over a long journey through the symbolic constellations featured in Michel Tournier's work, particularly Friday and The Pacific Limbs (Vendredi ou Les Limbes du Pacifique). Along the way, accompanied by his tiny bundle full of pictures, the pilot forges a deep emotional relationship with his young passengers. Voice surpasses words; body and gesture eclipse language. The pilot studies their reactions carefully: like the everchanging weather, their moods often determine the route.

Created, directed, and performed by Laurent Dupont

Produced in collaboration with Tam teatromusica, La Ferme du Buisson, Festival Les Ricochets (Marne-la-Vallée, 1992)
Finnish premiere in Annantalo 19 March 2002.

Duration: 30 min
Age recommendation: children between the ages of 10 months and 3 years
Pre-enrollment starting 7 January 2022 at


Small Size Days on 28–30 January 2022

This weekend, it is time for the little ones to enjoy art. There will be artistic experiences for toddlers and a multi-sensory magical world to explore. Come and enjoy new experiences in Annantalo!

Annantalo is once again celebrating the right of young children to experience art and culture. On the last weekend of January, 100 members of an international network from all over the world will be offering art experiences for children aged 0–6 and their accompanying adults.

Laurent Dupont, the event’s guest of honour, will bring to the stage the Archipel performance, which is the first baby and toddler performance seen at Annantalo. The premiere was at the Bravo! festival in 2002. Archipel will be part of Annantalo’s Gems of History programme.