Carmina Burana – Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

More than 350 performances, 200.000 viewers worldwide, standing ovation all over the world!

More than 350 performances, 200.000 viewers worldwide, standing ovation all over the world!

”Powerful and epic!” ”a real blast, highly musical, well paced, totally magical and deeply ritualistic” ”ten-minute standing ovation by the audience of Maison de la Danse” ...

We get an insight to the ritualistic life of a humanoid barbarian settlement trying to eke out a living on the ruins of a civilization and fighting for survival, facing their fears, turning to battle through all things fate brings on to them. Fate sometimes brings love, joy, and sometimes brings sadness or death. A girl whose life was meant to be short can feel true happiness for a moment, when love makes her forget all the bad things, and makes her believe in a life that can be different, that can be better. But Fortune is fickle and cruel. She doesn’t care about the beauty of the moment.

Experiencing disappointment, joy and fear we can learn a lot about ourselves, our own fate and chances – about our own humanity.
(choreographer Tamás Juronics)

Szeged Contemporary Dance Company’s most popular show for Carl Orff’s well-known music, CARMINA BURANA

Carl Orff’s monumental musical masterpiece was brought to life in 2000 as a spectacular dance theatre adaptation of award-winning Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, which vividly captures the common fears and joys of an imaginary barbarian community as it keeps fighting for its own survival and humanity through mysterious rituals until it’s very last breath.

History of Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

Szeged Contemporary Dance Company was established in 1993 by dancers Tamás Juronics and András Pataki following the inheritance of its previous Szeged Ballet and its famous choreographer Zoltán Imre.

Modern dance techniques and theatrical ambitions determine the company’s image as well as emphasizing the importance of the repertoire’s variety. By now the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company has become not only Hungary’s leading contemporary dance company but also gained reputation and appreciation worldwide. Its unique style consists of the mixture of acrobatic, modern dance movements, theatrical elements and powerful visions performed in the highest technical and artistic quality.

The company’s run of luck has started in the 90s and remains unwavering until nowadays. Their plays are typified by the dancers elaborated movements such as the dramatic power and philosophical depth of the performances, the delicate usage of theatrical impressions as well as the variety and enrichment of the topics.

Tamás Juronics
Dancer, Choreographer, Director

Tamás Juronics was born in Tata, Hungary in 1969. After graduating from the Folk Dance Faculty of the Hungarian Dance Art College, he accepted the invitation of Zoltán Imre to join the Szeged Ballet. He danced main roles in significant pieces among those the most important was the famous Hungarian musician Béla Bartók’s ’The Miraculous Mandarin’, also choreographed by Juronics. He started introducing his own choreographies 1991, and has become the artistic leader of the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company from 1993. He was among the first ones to use contemporary dance elements in his choreographies that were performed by professional dancers with great technical skills. By this time Juronics has grown to be an internationally acclaimed master who created more than 70 choreographies. The careful combination of his story lines, the clear, unified form usage, and the dramatic structure make his works inspiring. Spectacular staging, lighting, effects and music are also important integral parts of his works. He has been praised by many prestigious awards even abroad like ’Best creator’ ´Niveau´ Prize, ’Best performer’ International Contemporary Choreographer Competition and the highest state prize in Hungary, the ’Kossuth-prize’. Juronics successfully started his career as a prose director and also has become a popular choreographer, director of several musicals and operas in many theaters.

Duration approx. 1 h 15 min

Age limit recommendation: +5