Fantasy Weavers

Aleksanterinkatu 14-18, 00170 Helsinki

Upon entering the museum, Fantasy Weavers introduces the viewer in the Hoes - Voices in sex work exhibition.

Installation invites into a world of imagination, and to regard one of the core elements of sex work: creating fantasies. In this living installation, performers from different fields of sex work create a soft, sensual fantasy world, inviting and guiding the viewer to rise above the mundane and scratch the ostensibly glamorous surface of sex work.

The installation is repeated continuously during the evening between 17:00 and 22:00.

“Sex work’s relationship to fantasy is partially making them possible. Everybody needs a little bit of fantasy and I think it often even helps people remove themselves from the chaos of the everyday.”

“We create a world of fantasy and try not to get lost in it ourselves - we live off of it, threading the borderline and trying to survive this hellscape of a society by turning ourselves into images of heaven.”

“Part of my professional skill set is morphing into a fantasy. And out of that fantasy I make a product that I sell.”

Performers: Tara Atrox, Luna Blades, Endia Jade, Camilla Rantanen

Artistic Production: Luna Blades

This event is part of Experience Seven Museums on 23 November. An evening full of dance, theatre, poems and music. Open doors at 5-10pm at Design Museum, Hakasalmi Villa, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki City Museum, Natural History Museum, Sinebrychoff Art Museum and Kunsthalle Helsinki.