Photo Finn-Brit Players (c) Ann Taponen

Finn-Brit Players: The Flower Girl

Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki
NoName Theatre

Go to school, work, retire, die. Rinse and repeat.

Go to school, work, retire, die. Rinse and repeat.

Year in and year out people do the same things, work in the same gray offices, live in the same gray apartments, lead the same gray lives. But inside of everybody lives a little flower girl. A little flower girl named Calla. And she has the power to transform and show the wonder of everything people lost along the way, ever since the day they decided that the childhood dreams deserved a proper burial.

The Flower Girl. The story of you. Of people. Of everybody. The story that helps reconnect to that which people have lost. The story that makes humans again. Before it's too late.

Written and directed by H. Sven Fernandez.

NoName Theatre



21.9. / 23.9 at 19.00

24.9. at 16.00 & 20.00

25.9. at 18.30

28.9. / 30.9. at 19.00

1.10. at 16 .00 & 20.00

Ticketa 16/20€ from Holvi Shop, duration 2,5 h

Performed in English