Photo Kulttuuri Loukko (c) Nina Koivuniemi

Gothic Ray of Sunshine

Castreninkatu 7, 00530 Helsinki
Alakulttuurikeskus Loukko

Gothic Ray of Sunshine is an autobiographical comedy show by Dougie K Powell.

Gothic Ray of Sunshine is an autobiographical comedy show by Dougie K Powell. A Brexit era immigrant's tale that deals with themes of queer identity, homelessness and challenges facing marginalized youth.

Despite its darker parts, GRoS at heart is a story about discovering happiness and stability through artistic expression and the search for love. Personal and political are mixed into a delightful mix that uplifts and enlightens, with cute little bursts along the way.

GRoS is a collaboration between Dougie and Juuso Kekkonen. Dougie K Powell (they/them) is a British-born Finn-living comedian. And a nerdy gothic mess! Dougie is known for being a cutie in the comedy circuit, filled with angry rants and embarrassing slutty anecdotes. This is Dougie's first story-telling and solo show. Juuso Kekkonen is a comedian whose mission in life is to talk the world into making a little bit more sense.



8.10./14.10./23.10/29.10. at 19.00

31.10. at 17.00

10.11. at 18.00 (voluntary fee)

13.11./18.11. at 19.00

23.11. at 18.00

Tickets 7-15€, duration 2 h, performed in English

The show deals with subjects and issues such as drug use, abortion, violence and abuse including discrimination and abusive language, hatred towards sexual and gender minorities, mental health issues, references to sex. 

The suggested age limit for the audience is 16+. The bar is open, but the space is not K18.