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Jaakko Kallinen: The Beauty of Silence

Mannerheimintie 13a, 00100 Helsinki
Musiikkitalo - Helsinki Music Centre

The Beauty of Silence: Artwork from Jaakko Kallinen from the 1960’s to the present

The Beauty of Silence: Artwork from Jaakko Kallinen from the 1960’s to the present

In August 2022, Musiikkitalo presents a retrospective exhibition by Jaakko Kallinen. The career of Kallinen, who will turn 85 in July, has spanned over 60 years and continues still. 

Peace for the restless and a break for the busy. The beauty of Jaakko Kallinen’s work touches you in a way that words are unable to, just as music does.

Throughout the decades of his career, Kallinen has done many sorts of things. The subject matters have varied from the microscopic world of moss to the depth of outer space and from performative to abstract. The fireworks of color occasionally give way to an exploration of the gradual changes of one single color.

His pieces might seem simple at first glance, but a lot of thought and analysis lies beneath them. The paintings have been shed of anything excessive. They don’t scream or demand anything. The spectator might see the subject at first, but beyond that they will see colors, shapes, surfaces, movement and rhythm, relations and lines.

The most important thing is what isn’t seen; the felt and shared experience. At the core of Kallinen’s work is to find a way to express what words can’t reach. Momentary little miracles, quiet beauty. His work emanates a timeless restfulness and kind humor.



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