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Kaaos Company: Principia

Kaasutehtaankatu 1/4, building 8, 00540 Helsinki
Cirko - Center for New Circus

Principia examines the basis of bodily existence and encounters.

Principia examines the basis of bodily existence and encounters.  

The performance is a collaboration between inclusive dance company Kaaos, choreographer Kati Raatikainen, circus artist Jenny Mansikkasalo, sound designer Roy Boswell, scenographer Aino Koski, costume designer Piia Rinne and lighting designer Milla Martikainen. 

Performers Sally Davison, Georgie Goater, Kadar Khristan, Jenny Mansikkasalo and Noora Västinen live in it in relation to time, space, gravity and each other hanging, dangling, rotating, falling, liberated and weirded, intertwining with each other and transforming from one shape to another.

The performers move between the ground, air, and aerials exploring the sensorial experience of being human. The slowly opening landscape of bodies, as well as movement, offers a continuum of evolution to appear to the viewer.

The viewer in the performance is given the opportunity to get in touch with personal bodily sensations safely, from a chosen distance. The audience will arrive at the show in two different groups according to pre-announced arrival times.



Premiere 13.4.2022


13.4./14.4./16.4./17.4. at 19.00 & 19.40

Tickets 10-30€ from Holvi Shop