Photo G Livelab (c) Vilhelm Sjöström


Yrjönkatu 3, 00120 Helsinki
G Livelab

Take the themes of: fear of war, paranoia, euphoria, dark sexuality and a cosmic new age and imagine them in the industrial backdrop of 1970s Sheffield.

Timo Kaukolampi (K-X-P, Op:l Bastards, Haunted Plasma) is currently working on his second solo album. Kaukolampi’s solo music is dark and dystopic, minimal and psychedelic analog techno and ambient. He’s also been awarded for his soundtracks and scores for movies and tv series.

G Livelab

13.5.2023 doors at 19.00, showtime at 20.00, the duration is not mentioned

Tickets 27€ from G Livelab