Kerttu Kaskas and the Missing Ghost

The ghost of the theatre is missing!

The ghost of the theatre is missing!

Theatre Tuike has problems: items can’t be found, the props are all in a mess, and the actors can’t remember their lines! Does the missing ghost have something to do with these problems?

World-famous ghost whisperer Kertto Kaskas has been invited to solve the mystery, and your help is needed too! You can help Kerttu by offering hints and suggestions from your home.

This interactive performance is intended for ages 6-10.

The performance begins at 5pm on Friday 12 June and can be accessed via a link that will be published on the Tuike website and social media channels.

Performers: Riina Nieminen, Aarne Linden, Nina Rinkinen, Miika Elmgren and Sinikka Isoaho