Photo Cirko (c) Meri-Maija Näykki

Kierrot Festival 2021

Academy of Artistic Thinking 2018-2020: Kierrot

Academy of Artistic Thinking 2018-2020: Kierrot

Kierrot Festival is a series of experiential and experimental physically distanced art events that sprouts from a state of suspension and strangeness.

By combining theatre, dance, contemporary circus and music the performance twists, twines, grows - and circles on itself.

Kierrot engulfs space, time and the people experiencing it like an ornamental plant straggling into a weed. The festival is inspired by themes of growing, pausing, hope and strangeness.

Growth includes sprouting and learning. The name refers to twisting and recurring, going round in circles, and to plants belonging to the genus Convolvulus, of the morning glory family, comprising several twining or prostrate ornamental plants. Some of the plants of the genus are also easily spread weeds.

Internet, Zoom,, YouTube

Tickets 5€ from Tiketti