Literary art workshop

Konepajankuja 3, B-house, 00510 Helsinki

This workshop approaches literary art with a low threshold, applying old books and creativity.

The workshop features blackout poetry, whiteout poetry and ripout poetry. All of these types of poetry are based on the same principle where words from a page of a book are used to create a poem. 

The poems may be narrative or entirely abstract. The text of the page not included in the poems is removed with a black or white marker or the selected words can be ripped out and glued on a piece of paper. You can create any type of background you like. Different techniques result in different variations that can be compiled into a collage, for example

Books removed from use are used as the source of inspiration in accordance with the philosophy of recycling. Come join the fun and let your creativity flow! 

The instructor of the workshop is T, a Youth Pride intern of the Helsinki Pride community who is about to complete their degree on community pedagogy and whose pedagogic approach is based on the principles of respectful treatment, intersectional feminism and gender sensitivity.

Sign up for the literary art workshop in advance here

You can also join the workshops spontaneously if there is enough room.