Lora Dimova & Leda Vaneva: Hybrid Existence

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki
Helsinki Art Museum HAM

Hybrid Existence explores the human self as a fluid construct, an expression beyond the parameters …

Hybrid Existence explores the human self as a fluid construct, an expression beyond the parameters of the physical body. The pieces reflect on various manifestations and transformations of the self, on the relationship between the diverse spaces which humans occupy, and how these environments reshape the perception of how we see ourselves. The exhibition presents works in a variety of media, transcending the borders between the personal and collective, digital and physical, the body and the environment. Both artists examine the ephemeral nature of their individual experiences, giving them a physical form. The works bring together fragments of the self, navigating between the internal and external, the physical and non-physical spaces.

The works of Lora Dimova reflect on the collapse and rebuilding of structures - individual, collective, environmental. Her latest body of work Origin is a search for the core essence of being. It is a restoration, a return to something lost and forgotten. The work traces the metamorphosis of the self, the hidden forces that operate within and around us. The artist is contemplating the fragile and fleeting state of existence, the body, being part of the environment and its cycle of transformation.

Leda Vaneva’s Unfolding the Digital Self series focuses on the compound experience of the physical and the virtual, formed by the similar response of the body to both of these sensations. Through a combination of work done by hand and through digital fabrication, she outlines the fragmentation of the self and maps its connections to everything else. Leda Vaneva is fascinated to materialize the invisible, to experience and suggest a broader reality.

Lora Dimova is an artist, living and working in Helsinki since 2012. She holds MA degrees in Fine Art from Aalto University (2015) and in Porcelain and Glass from the National Academy of Art, Bulgaria (2007). Her work explores the inner and outer territories of the body, the connection to the environment, and the physical and spiritual aspects of existence.

Leda Vaneva is an interdisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. She explores the principles, which guide human perceptions, their limitations and effects. Her work revolves around themes like materiality, chaos and control. She holds MA degrees in New Media (Aalto University) and Photography (National Academy of Art, Sofia, BG).

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland