Magdalena Mölsö, Skábma, Ajak Majok – Kairos X URB festival

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

Magdalena Sofia – Resonance Ritual
Magdalena Sofia is inspired by the healing therapeutic aspects of music, and the power of sound that affects the emotional landscapes of the human psyche. Magdalena started with a classical background in music, singing in the National Opera of Finland at 6 years old, later studying musical traditions that have their roots in the interaction with nature.

Resonance Ritual is a liminal, transcendental state, a place of exploring the state of trance through ritual setting. Space of exploring the countless ways of how authentic human expression manifests itself through our own sonic lenses.

Skábma Pieski - Snahpastanbottoš
Máret Ásllat Ivvár Ovllá Nilla Skábma, Skábma Pieski is a performing artist from Deanuleahki, Finnish side of Sápmi. They are studying dance at Theater Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. In art, they are busy with intersectional feminist practices, decolonization and queering things up. Pieski was a main organizer of Sápmi Pride 2021 in Ohcejohka.

Snahpastanbottoš is a moment for daydreaming, taking a powernap of this reality we are living. Powernap from white cis-heteronormative patriarchy. Powernap from colonialism and capitalism. Powernap from all these harmful power structures. Being dreamy and sleepy for a while.

Ajak Majok - Untitled
Ajak Majok is a multidisciplinary artist working on project that asks the question:
What if I was free?
In her work Majok focuses on the lived and dreamt experiences of black and brown bodies residing in the three Finnish cities she has lived in. Majok approaches her art through speech, written word and dance.