Photo © Aini Mäensivu

Modern calligraphy workshop

The workshop venue is a cosy and cute studio space near Kamppi.

Are you fascinated by typography, fonts and handwriting? Interested in trying new ways to channel your creativity? Keen to focus on something that isn’t a screen? Join the Modern Calligraphy Workshop, where we take a modern approach to the ancient art of calligraphy.

No previous lettering experience is required, as the workshop will guide you through the basics of modern calligraphy step-by-step. By the end of the class, you will have learned the basic strokes, techniques and letterforms of modern calligraphy. At the end of the class, you can put your new skills to practice for Christmas-themed calligraphy pieces.

To help you get started, you will be using the example alphabet and practice sheets created by Aini Mäensivu, the founder of Kalligrafiastudio and teacher of the class. Aini is a pioneer of modern calligraphy in Finland, and she guides her students individually to create a warm-hearted, safe atmosphere for learning a new skill.

You will be using a calligraphy kit which you can take home at the end of the class to allow you to continue learning. The kit includes a straight nib holder, Nikko G pointed nib, practice sheets and calligraphy ink 25ml.

The workshop venue is a cosy and cute studio space near Kamppi. You will receive a welcome email with directions & further info in the week running up to the workshop.

The workshop will be bi-lingual (Finnish-English) and you will receive guidance in your preferred language.

Thursday 8 September 2022, from 17 o'clock until 19.30 o'clock
Price 85 €