Nagwetch – Little Sun & Something like Home – Etno – Folk Station

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

This time, the cultural backgrounds of the evening’s music are Native American populations and Arab culture.

This time, the cultural backgrounds of the evening’s music are Native American populations and Arab culture.

Nagwetch – Little Sun

Nagwetch “Little Sun” invites you to discover his Native American “World View” through a musical experience inspired by his Metis-Wabanaki roots from Canada.

Trough profound and spiritual chantings, traditional Native American flute and drum combined with ambient soundtracks and loops, Nagwetch and his friend Juha Jokiranta create a unique and deep atmosphere. Together they merge the past and the future in an inspiring and creative present.

Something like home

In Something like home Nemat returns to her familial roots and the gift of music in her life as a healing agent for inspiration. Something like home explores the effect of finding common grounds of love and compassion between family members, especially those who have been navigating the traumas of war.

The music created is rooted in traditional Arabic music from the Middle East and North Africa, especially that which follows the aesthetics of Egyptian and Lebanese schools.

The compositions are influenced by the vocabulary of Arabic melodies and repetitive ornamented rhythmic cycles and are inspired by intercultural dialogue through music creation and performance of different traditions.

Nemat Battah (PS/JO): composition, voice & oud
Teemu Mustonen(FI): drums
Oscar Beerten (CO/BE): violin
Nathan Riki Thomson (AU): double bass
Anna-Sofia Anttonen (FI): saxophone
Petra Poutanen (FI): kantele & voice
Veli Kujala(FI): accordion
Devina Boughton (US): trumpet
Ra’ed Al-Zaben (JO): lyrics
Mohammed Moe Mustafa (PS/KW/JO): videography & visuals
Hind Jaal (JO): Artwork

Etno – Folk Station is a club event series that invites the audience on a trip through history. The club events enrich the traditional music of our ancestors with diverse and modern means of expression.

Duration: 2 h + intermission
Age recommendation: 15+
Language: Finnish, English

18.9. Dream Timeless & Anemelo
16.10. Wabanag & Marjo Smolander – Cosmologies
20.11. Nagwetch – Little Sun & Something like Home
11.12. Wabanag & Riina Hosio & J-P Piirainen – Vakaa yhteys / Stable Connection